Friday, February 27, 2009

My not so "rose-colored" blog

"Yeah, this is my town! na na na na naaa..." Love me some Montgomery Gentry ;)

This is a really sad story, but I mean, come on! How does this happen???

I know I know. I haven't blogged in quite a few days now. I feel horrible that I have left my handful of readers with nothing to read, but being that my blog is titled "My world through rose colored glasses," I was having some problems coming up with anything "rose-colored" to blog about. The crazy thing about that is, that in reality I have SO MANY rose-colored things and people in my life, but for some reason we overlook those things when something is going wrong in our lives. I have been pretty down in the dumps lately, and I have tried to disguise it as much as I can; however, much to my dismay, I haven't been doing a very good job at it. I keep getting the dreaded, "Is everything ok with you?" question. I lose my ability to hold it all together when people start asking questions. Apparently, it's "good to talk about your feelings" or something like that. So, I have been trying that, but mostly it's been talking to night....when I should be sleeping, which equals no sleep...which is NO GOOD for my stress levels. I'm working on it though. The most important thing though, is for me to keep in mind that I have GREAT people in my life. Family, friends, boyfriend...and they support me 100%. I am extremely lucky to have such a wonderful support system, so THANKYOU to all my people who have been there for me through so many tough times, and also for being there for me now. I love all of you!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bad day. Big fish.

I can't blog today. Sorry to the two people who actually read it. I just don't feel like it.

Maybe later though.

* The picture is of my mom with an exceptionally large brim that she caught in our lake..."Lake Jonesy." It holds the world's largest brim. Seriously.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Strutting Duck: I came. I saw. I conquered. Part 1

So, I just got a facebook message from "The Strutting Duck" informing me of a bluegrass music festival happening at the beginning of March. Even though I am SUPER-STOKED about this event, for oh-so-many is not the reason for this blog. For those of you who don't know...(I like to pretend that people that don't know me actually find my blog interesting)...ok, so for those of you who don't know, The Strutting Duck is what I would call the perfect description of a "dive bar," located in Auburn, AL. It is a place that is very near and dear to my heart, not only because of the memories that will last a lifetime, the friends that were made, or the nights I can't remember, but also because of (excuse my language please, there is no other way to say this) the funny-ass shit that happens there....and more than likely, nowhere else. I am going to use this blog as a tribute to some, but not nearly all, of the funny-ass shit that I have experienced at the Strutting Duck. Enjoy

*line dancin', high-waisted wrangler wearin', tobaccer spittin', ....WOMEN...and the wasted frat boys that are hittin' on 'em.
*girls dancing as if they were strippers to the song "I'd love to lay you down" by Conway Twitty and couples dancing/dry-humping to the song "Dust on the Bottle" by David Lee Murphy. This does not necessarily mean that they were drunk. Obviously, they just missed a very important turn on their way to Twisters or the back room at Sky Bar.
*one time I actually witnessed what had to have been the Auburn Highschool Prom afterparty take over the entire bar. It was one of the most hilarious, but also brutally awkward moments in my "Duck" history....possibly my life.
*hands down, everytime I went to "the duck" I could pretty much assure you that the most redneck, unfortunate-looking, country-bumpkin male in the entire bar would, at some point during the night, approach me and ask me to dance....repeatedly. This never happened with any of the scarse amount of good-looking guys in the bar. Ever. Unless they were my friends. haha
*I could also rest assured that at some point in the night I would get to witness my bestie Leanne "put that b**ch in her place" for trying to steal her spot on the front row. Sometimes I was scared, and sometimes almost peed my pants from laughing so hard. Good times though.
*And one time there was this really hyper girl, and me and my friend Ryan watched her for hours. Not gonna go into it, cause I'm pretty sure you had to be there, but I think Ryan thought she was hot.
*Of course there were always the "line-dancing girls" who everyone would make room for so that they could watch them turn what is supposed to be the "Watermelon Crawl" into a rendition of the routine from the Pussycat Dolls video "Don't Cha." Classic. I'm pretty sure that was when me and Leanne decided that we wanted to take hip-hop dance classes. We were gonna show those bitches up....not that it would've been hard.

Well that was my stroll down Strutting Duck memory be continued. Hope you enjoyed.

Kate Greene, my hero

So, I couldn't really find a friend to join me in my quest to get fit, however, I have found what I like to call a "cyberpal" to join me on my journey, or I on hers?. Either way, I have found the inspiration that I needed...and she goes by the name of k...a...t....e....g....r.....e....e....n....e! Thankyou Kate. You are my hero. All it took was a couple of "bootcamp updates" and I'm officially motivated. WoooHooo!! Look out world...get ready for K-squared "new and improved!"

*The pic is me after my 10 mile bike ride in the Destin "Crabtrap Triathlon 2008"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Team Jillian forever!

Whatever, Jason. Jillian is not the loser in this story, you are. Good luck with sketchy, mousey Melissa, since we all know that's who you pick. I guess it would be better than Molly the creepster.

Oh, and to all of the women on the show that kept saying things like, "I am so ready to be a mother", "I think that I am the perfect girl for Jason and for Ty" , "I know that I can be the role model that Ty needs in his life".....and so on....FYI: Ty already has a freakin' mom! And if she could even stand to watch the show, she probably cringes every time she hears each of you talk about how perfect you would be for HER son!

Yes, I have become one of those annoying people who get way too involved in a reality tv show.

For all of my fellow Jillian fans:

Monday, February 16, 2009

burritos, bachelor, and big thighs...

Sooo....I made a very serious promise to myself last week that I was DEFINITELY going to start my new workout/eating healthy regimen today. However, obviously, I forgot that today was President's Day. So, out of complete respect for this holiday in which I take very seriously...I did not exercise or eat healthy. I mean, what kind of person would I be if I stole all of our wonderful presidents' thunder? Exactly. So instead, I slept until 11am, played on the internet, ate a ridiculously large amount of mexican food for lunch accompanied by my perfectly crisp, exceptionally large glass of dr. pepper, went to the grocery store and bought groceries to make a really fattening, yet delicious buffalo chicken pizza for my friends and I, so that we could sit on our asses for 2 hours watching the Bachelor throw his life away by kicking off my favorite girl, Jillian...she was so obviously the best choice. Molly is creepy, and so is her family. Melissa obviously has some skeletons in the closet. I mean really, she's like "Hey Jason, come meet my oldest, very best friends in the whole world! None of whom have ever met any guy I've ever dated or my parents." Do her parents have a problem with the "publicness"...Melissa's word...of the show, or just the public in general? I'm thinking it maybe has something to do with incest or something crazy that Melissa doesn't want, not only Jason, but ANYONE to know about. Red flag. Jillian, however, was smart, beautiful, normal and her accent was cool. What's not to love about a girl who can make the words "sane" and "again" rhyme. I know, right? Oh well, I am officially starting the, "JILLIAN, FOR BACHELORETTE" campaign for anyone who is interested in joining me. Yeah, my short attention fuse ran out and took me off on a whole different subject. Probably my subconscience steering me away from thinking about my inability to motivate myself to get on a treadmill. Basically, I really thought that it was the real thing this time. I was actually going to start today, and change my life into a more healthy one. My failure to do that, much to your surprise, actually had nothing to do with President's Day. I am just lazy and suffer from a severe self-discipline deficiency. Tomorrow, I suppose. Definitely, tomorrow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh no he didn't!


I am here to report the breaking me atleast, and hopefully to you, otherwise this blog is of little importance....that someone by the name of "Paw" is trying to take down Connie's Coneys! I was driving down broad street today taking in all the lovely historicness, and that's when I saw it....PAW'S DOGS! How dare he? This "Paw" character has a lot of nerve to set his hotdog stand up just feet away from our precious Connie and her coneys. I'll be forming a picket line at the gazebo tomorrow. See you all there.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Live and Let Live"

Just the other day I got into a somewhat heated argument with a friend about bi-racial relationships. I have always considered myself to be a pretty conservative person. However, as I was making my argument, which to me doesn't seem like a very hard one to make, that, morally, there is nothing wrong with two people of different races being in a relationship, for the first time in my life I was referred to as a "liberal." Maybe I'm missing something here, but does thinking that there is nothing wrong with a relationship between two consenting adults that just happen to be of different races make me a liberal?? What bothers me the very most about this ever-so-popular topic here in the south, is that for a lot of people a "bi-racial relationship" is defined as a couple consisting of a black person and a white person. A chinese girl and a white boy won't get near as much attention walking through the mall as a black girl and a white boy. I've just never understood this. Why do people even CARE?? Why would anyone let something that has no affect on their life whatsoever send them into a frenzy? Anyone ever heard of the phrase "live and let live?" I think we could all learn a lot from that simple little phrase. I just needed to vent a little bit about that. Thanks for listening.
*Now, I think that we could all learn some obvious things from the little boy's drawing. But one, not so obvious thing that I would like to learn is why some of those children in the picture have yellow faces. It's a precious picture, really, but I was just wondering...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Photography is a new and developing interest of mine. These are some recent photographs that I have taken.

I have arrived in Blogville

Say goodbye to the sacred act of expressing one's personal thoughts in a private journal and hello to broadcasting them on the web for the whole world to see. I'm not really sure what possessed me to enter into the world of "blogging" but here I am! Maybe it's as simple as me being bored...or maybe it's a longing to provide insight to my world of thoughts, and more importantly, as a result of doing something that goes against the nature of who I am, become more understood. In this blog you will probably endure a lot of mindless babble, but I hope that atleast once someone will be able to read and relate to something I have to say, and maybe even learn something from it. Welcome to my world...misunderstood, but quite possibly somewhat interesting.
*The picture is of me and one of my oldest friends Andrew taken at a local bar in my hometown over Thanksgiving.